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Panic! At The Disco Concert Experience

28/3/19, I saw Panic! at the Disco for the second time at the o2 in London with my Mum. I wanted to take an opportunity to document it for you guys and myself. I’ll be talking you through the merch available, the support acts, the ACTUAL SHOW and how my night went overall.

I was impressed with the variety of merch at my show, however there was a lot of merch that you could only buy as a VIP and not all designs were brought over the UK. Despite this, the selection was still decent. I got a top that had a small logo at the top and then song lyrics over the back (not that I need any more band merch). The prices ranged from £25-50 for clothing but smaller items such as flags, keychains and more were available too.

After buying merch we visited the new shopping outlet there, which has shops like Hotel Chocolat and Calvin Klein. We got some food at wasabi (would recommend) and went up to the Sky backstage lounge to get photos taken.


We didn’t have time to get any food or drinks up there as we were already missing the first support act. From what we got to hear of ARIZONA playing, they were incredible and I am definitely going to listen to them more. The second support act was MØ, you may know her from her appearance in the song “Lean On”. Again, she was incredible and I will be listening to her more in the future.

Then the countdown began for P!ATD. It was a very tense 10 minutes if I do say so myself. If you want to see the full setlist then click here. In my opinion, this was an incredible set with a few cover songs as well as many incredible Panic! classics. My favourite songs were “Dying in LA”, “The Greatest show”, “high Hopes”, “Girls/Girls/Boys” and “Dancing’s not a crime”. If you have ever seen a Panic! show, you will know about the #patdhearts project. This is a project where loads of paper hearts are cut out in rainbow colours and given for you to shine a light through during their gay pride song “Girls/Girls/Boys”.


Panic! has been a huge part of my life for a good few years now and it is something me and my Mum can really bond over. I cannot even explain how incredible this night was. Now…bring on Shawn Mendes (17/4/19)*

*yes I’m aware this is tomorrow. I wrote this ages ago and I’m crap at posting. sorry 🙂


Abbie xx




I Took a 3 Week Mindfulness Course and Here’s What I Learned

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog.

I’m very excited for today’s post as I feel like it was an experience that I learned a lot from and I am ready to share ALL my mindfulness knowledge with you. Before I get into this, I am not a professional mindfulness coach. I took a 3 week course at my cadets (big up SJA) with an actual coach and I found the experience very insightful. Anyways, lets get into it.

The 3 Minute Breathing Space is a very basic form of meditation that helps you take your mind away from what is stressing you and gives you just a few minutes to focus on your body, breathing and surroundings. It doesn’t have to last only 3 minutes, it’s just a starting point and allows you to do it for only a few minutes every day. You are advised to sit up straight on the end of your chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands in your lap. However, you can adjust this as you please. The main thing we were told to remember is that your mind will wander and that’s okay. Just try to re-focus it when possible. There are 3 parts to the meditation:

  • Firstly close your eyes and focus on the sounds around you. It doesn’t matter what they are. This is simply a way for you to tune in to your surroundings.
  • Starting with the feet focus on each aspect of your body, the way if feels and try to sense the circulation if you can. If your mind wanders, just try to re-focus.
  • Focus on your breathing. You don’t have to do anything differently, just focus on the air entering and leaving as it normally does.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery and today is a gift is a quote from Kung Fu Panda that we were urged to remember. One of the huge reasons for our stress in life is us focusing too much on what was and what could be than what is happening right now in the present moment. We were given a task that whenever we feel stressed, we should try to figure out what tense we were stressing in. For example, worrying about an exam result from 2 weeks ago is not a productive use of your time and nothing worth stressing about. I have found this so useful.

Mindful moments are a super easy way for you to focus on one thing and not worry for a few moments. A mindful moment could be giving your pet 100% attention or watching a candle burn slowly. It sounds stupid, but I have found this to work really well.

Glitter Jars! Yes, that’s right. You can now make mindfulness sparkly. Glitter jars act as a representation of our minds and thoughts, can be used as a meditation timer or as something to focus on in a mindful moment. To make your own jar:

  • Fill a jar with warm water
  • Add some glitter glue
  • wait for the water to cool. At this point you can make a judgement of if you need more glue or water
  • Shake and you have your jar

That’s all I have for today’s post. Thank you so much to the lady who taught us everything. We really appreciated it and I am so glad that I have this knowledge so close to exam season.

Abbie xx


The Better Place List

WANDS FOR WILDLIFE – How a Mascara Wand can Save a Life

Hey Guys, welcome to the first official post in “The Better Place List”. And yes…you are reading the title right. I have found an incredible organisation that is using our old makeup applicators to save our wildlife. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about it and tell you how you can get involved yourself.

Wands for Wildlife is a campaign organised by Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. They are asking people to donate their old, cleaned out mascara wands to help remove larva and other small insects from rescue animals fur. I though this was such a nice idea to share on this list, as it is super easy to get involved. So, if you wear makeup, please consider helping these animals.


Here is what Appalachian wild have to say about their project: “RECYCLE & SAVE WILD LIVES! Old mascara wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals. They work great because the bristles are close together. Send your wands or gather old mascara wands and donations to help the wild ones by hosting a Wands for Wildlife®​ Wandraiser!”.

So, that’s what I’ve decided to do. I am holding a Wandraiser! To help reduce the cost of shipping for you guys to the US, you can DM me on Instagram or Twitter and I’ll give you a UK address to ship your wands to. I will then be sending out a bulk package of wands to Appalachian Wild on behalf of all of us. I would really appreciate it if you could get involved, every wand makes a difference. I will probably be sending them out at the end of April, but still feel free to message me after that date and I’ll see what I can do. However, if you would rather send them there yourself, then follow the link above to get to their website direct. They also sell “Wands for Wildlife” t-shirts (which honestly look really cool) and accept donations of money to help run the organisation on their website.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you consider getting involved. see you soon!

Abbie xx


Night Before Exam Habits to Begin

Hey guys, welcome back to the bloggggggg.

Just as a disclaimer, this post is not about how to effectively cram for your exams the night before. I believe that working in small amounts over the course of a few weeks/months is the best way to prepare for your mocks or exams. However, I have found that these tips really help to secure your knowledge that you already have on the night or morning of your next exam. During exam season, you have so much content to remember for different subjects that sometimes you can forget things. These tips should help refresh your memory just before all phones are locked away and you sit in that exam hall.

Firstly, here’s a little revision technique I learned from Unjaded Jade (the best studytuber ever). Blurt notes! Now, blurt notes are not the prettiest form of revision but they help to secure the knowledge. This is basically where you scribble down all the knowledge you have of a particular unit and then go back and use a revision guide to add what you missed in green pen. It is a good way to test how good you are at “regurgitating” information onto a page (much like in an exam) and showing you the areas you need to improve on. This helped me so much on the period before my chemistry exam this week.

A similar idea to blurt notes is getting a friend to quiz you on a particular topic and then helping you fill in the parts you missed with a revision guide. Working with friends may allow you to learn something a new way or see something from a new perspective. Me and my friends find it super useful to talk about our thoughts and ideas before heading into any English or History exam. They may have different views on something and this is really useful for questions asking “how far do you agree?”

The night before the exam, I suggest reading your exam board’s advice on how to answer the paper. If you are struggling to find it, email your teacher. They should be more than happy to let you know how to get to it.  You could also ask them their last minute advice on how you could improve your answer to a particular question you struggle on to reach the top levels. This way, you can avoid errors and misconceptions that other students might not and boost you into a higher grade.

Finally, the night before the exam is a good time to look through your flashcards. I use Quizlet and store all my cards on my phone to make things easier to carry to school. This is really useful for memorising key dates in history, sentence starters for French or equations you always forget for physics. If you want me to make a blog post on my favourite revision apps, then comment down below 🙂

That’s all my ideas on how to secure your knowledge for upcoming exams. I hope you found this post useful. If you have any tips of your own, please let me know in the comments. I love hearing other people’s ideas.

Abbie xx

The Better Place List

The Better Place List!

Us bloggers are always trying to find new, cool ways to interact with companies and organisations that we love. Whilst I probably should have been revising for my mocks, I came up with the idea of a blog series where I give ways that we can help make this world a better place. I want to talk to companies and people who are really making a difference and find out how we can get involved with their innovative projects. This series is going to include ways we can help the environment, charities and how we can improve people’s days overall. So far, I have a few ideas up my sleeve but would love to hear yours. If you want to get in contact with me, you can do so here:

Instagram and twitter – Abbiejenkinssss

Email –

I’ll look forward to seeing you in my next post. Welcome to “The Better Place List”.


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s day is upon us and not a day has gone by where people around me have not been stressing about what to get their significant other or friends for Valentine’s. Here are some super quick, easy and mostly affordable gifts for your loved ones.

Some people think that chocolates and flowers are super tacky and typical for Valentines, but in my opinion nothing beats it. At the moment, Hotel Chocolat have some stunningly designed chocolates in store for decent prices. They have chocolate lollies with birds and flowers on them for only £2.50 each. How could you go wrong?

Like I said, flowers are honestly so underestimated. I have made a habit of going to my local store after work to pick up a new arrangement. The best part is it doesn’t have to cost a lot to do this. Today I picked up an assortment of pink roses and some little white flowers to go around them for my bedroom and it only cost me £5. You could always buy some nice cellophane and ribbon and make it look all nice. Don’t trust your own florist skills? Go to your local florist and they are sure to be able to help you this Valentine’s season.

If you want to spent a bit more on flowers so that they last longer, try Endura roses. They start at around £30 for one rose, but come in stunning colours, are arranged beautifully and can last for over a year. I’ve wanted one for the longest time, as I think they are the sweetest gift you could receive.

Etsy also have stunning pieces this Valentine’s from individual creators. You can find some really little trinkets and charms for your loved ones, as well as personalised cards. This is one of my favourite sites to browse at the best of times, but especially around this time of year. I recently purchased my boyfriend’s birthday present on here and I can’t wait to see the final product.

A pamper basket is something that lot of girls (and even boys) would love to receive. Again, this doesn’t have to break the bank. Pop a bath bomb, face mask and some snacks in a box and make it look all cute. You could even double the box up and turn it into a date night. Simply add a movie and you’re ready to go. This could cost as little as £5 to make when you know where to look. Boys, if you’re stuck, try looking on Lush, Superdrug and wilkos.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope it helped give you some inspiration. Don’t forget, there is nothing wrong with the classics.

Happy Valentine’s Day no matter what your plans are!

Abbie xx




How I make mind-maps

Hi guys,

Today I am officially kicking off my studying posts on this blog and I’m pretty excited about it. I really wasn’t sure what to write, as there are so many classes, techniques and things I could talk to you about. So, I decided to start off by showing you one of my favourite revision techniques – mind-maps!

Mind-maps are super easy and creative ways to summarise all the key information you need for a topic. These are really useful when trying to find key facts and ideas for essay questions, or to quickly glance over before an exam. Everyone has a preferred way of making mind-maps, but I think my way is quite minimalistic and easy to re-create.

  • My first tip is to pick a colour scheme that works for you. I suggest picking 2-3 colours that tend to catch your attention most. I personally prefer a pastel colour palette, but other people enjoy bold colours as it stands out more. Choose one colour for titles and another for highlighting key facts, figures and quotes.
  • Ensure that you don’t cram too much into a small page. I find that allowing a bit of space in your mind-map makes it easier to focus on. It also means that you can go back to add extra information later on.
  • If you are making yours on a computer programme, I suggest writing down the facts first and then making it look pretty. Having what you need is more important that how perfectly aligned your titles are.
  • Decide what is important. mind-maps are meant to be a way for you to look over the key facts that you need for essays or on test day. Therefore, you don’t have to write every word you see. Summarise it down to the smallest amount you can and add the statistics and figures that you need after. What’s the point in making a mind-map when it is no quicker to revise from than the textbook full of extensive amounts of information?

Here’s an example of how my mind-maps look. This is one I made about reconstruction of America for my History class. Feel free to use it for your own revision ;). As you can see, I used arrows for each section to show if life improved for these people or not. This saved me taking up a load of space with writing and gets the point across quickly.


I hope this helped. if you guys have any questions, leave them in the comments below. What else do you want me to write about? Let me know.

-Abbie xx