Review On: Lucy Hale- Road Between

Hey guys,

Welcome to my first proper blog post on my new blog. To find out why I made a new blog, go to my last post. Today’s post is a review on an album I bought a few months back. It is by a girl I love so much and I will talk about her a bit as well. The album is called Road Between and it is by Lucy Hale.


I will start by talking about her and the album and then give individual review on a few of the songs. hope you enjoy!

Lucy Hale is an actor as well as a great country artist. I had no idea she played country music and was so happy when I found this out (country is my favourite genre of music). You may have seen her perform in the Netflix show “Pretty Little Liars” as Aria Montgomery.

p.s: If you wanna start up a convo about PLL in the comment that would be much appreciated.

The album features 11 amazing songs about love, learning and lots more. Every song has a different sound and meaning to it. Some are more happy, some are very powerful and strong and others are very sad and emotional. I love this because some albums have very similar sounding songs.


Road Between- This song is all about her making her way through life and learning as she goes. She talks about the mistakes she has made and how she still doesn’t fully understand what she wants to be. This is a very powerful song to me and will help may teenagers who may not know what they want in life.

Nervous Girls- This one was my favourite when I first listened to the album. The song is about how everyone thinks she has a perfect life. She talks about how she is her hardest critic when she says “the cruellest words about me, come from my own mouth”. During the chorus, she says that we are all the same and all have the same feelings. I adore this song so much.

You Sound Good To Me- A very upbeat song! It is a typical love an crushes song. I love to sing along to this one. it is a great song to dance to and doesn’t have a huge amount of meaning. sometimes you just need a song like that.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. see you soon xx




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